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Natur Blick // Group Exhibition - The Koppel Project

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The Koppel Project is pleased to present Natur Blick, a group exhibition curated by Augustine Carr and Paula Zambrano. Bringing together ten contemporary artists and accompanying texts written by Chantal Faust and Daniel C. Blight.

"I think I scan, I think I scan, I think I scan. And I touch, in order to see. Scanning is a visual movement, a sweeping glance, a skim, an analysis, and a conversion. To scan is to look quickly, and also to look carefully. In the digital realm, scanning demands proximity, it is intimate in this way. The seeing eye of the machine is a reader of surfaces, recording traces of a perceptual and tactile encounter. In the land of the flatbed, touch, vision, and memory become inseparable. In this sense, the seeing organ is more akin to a tongue than an eye, a close-up form of perception and ingestion, licking blindly in the dark."

– Chantal Faust 2018


Augustine Carr | Chantal Faust | Otto Ford Gili Lavy | Clair Le Couteur
 Samantha Lee | Alix Marie | Anna Skladmann | WARD | Andrea Zucchini 


Anna Skladmann